Navigating the Modern Home Selling Landscape: A Guide to the New Normal

Navigate the new normal of home selling in today's market. This article delves into how the COVID-19 pandemic has reshaped the real estate landscape, the current state of home prices, mortgage rates, and why it's still a seller's market. A must-read for those planning to sell their home.
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Selling a home in today’s market is an entirely different experience compared to what it used to be a few years ago. In this comprehensive ten-part series, “The Complete Guide to Selling Your Home,” we’ll explore all the facets of selling your property in the present market environment. We dive into the new normal of selling a home, encompassing everything from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic to current interest rates.

The Pre-Pandemic Era vs. Now

Just a few years earlier, home sellers might have languished weeks or even months before receiving an offer. Buyers used to negotiate aggressively, sometimes asking for repairs or other concessions. But times have changed, and understanding the new landscape is vital.

How COVID-19 Shaped the Real Estate Market

The pandemic altered the fabric of our lives, and the real estate market was no exception. During the height of COVID-19, a wave of Americans began to move, liberated from the daily commute, initiating a rush in homebuying. Properties were snapped up quickly, sometimes within days, with buyers often offering more than the asking price.

Positive Changes for Sellers

In general, the pandemic-era rush was good news for sellers. But now, with the pandemic waning, the game has changed again. Understanding the current market and strategizing effectively is key to fetching the best offer for your home.

The Lasting Impact on Lifestyle and Decisions

COVID-19 lockdowns have led many to reevaluate their living spaces. The desire for larger, more functional homes has surged, particularly for remote workers seeking more comfort and privacy.

Geographical Flexibility

The flexibility of remote work has also allowed many to explore housing options in areas previously off their radar. These shifts have played a significant role in shaping the real estate landscape.

Current Market Dynamics

High Home Prices

Home prices have soared, reaching a median of $417,000 in November, much higher than the previous year. This surge in prices means that now might be a great time to cash in on your home. But sellers need to be mindful of the same high prices when buying their next home.

Rising Interest Rates

Mortgage rates have more than doubled over the past year, ranging from 3% to 7%. This change has cooled demand, but many homeowners might still be motivated to sell for various reasons.

It’s Still a Seller’s Market

Despite the rising interest rates, it’s still a seller’s market. Homes are selling at record speed and at high prices. Even though mortgage rates may deter some buyers, most are driven by personal reasons such as marriage, family expansion, or other life changes.


The real estate landscape today is a complex tapestry woven with various factors including pandemic-driven changes, high home prices, and fluctuating interest rates. Even though the market is in favor of sellers, it’s crucial to evaluate your unique circumstances to make the right decision.

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