LoHi: Denver’s Highly Sought After Neighborhood for Home Buyers

Step into LoHi, Denver's captivating neighborhood, highly sought after by home buyers. Known for its unique blend of modern living and community charm, LoHi offers an unparalleled lifestyle. Discover what makes this area a top choice for those seeking the best in Denver living. 🌃💼
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LoHi, also known as Lower Highlands, has emerged as one of Denver’s trendiest neighborhoods. Nestled northwest of downtown Denver, this area has seen a significant transformation over the years, evolving into a sought-after location for luxury homes and a vibrant lifestyle.

Brimming with Victorian-era homes and modern architectures, LoHi is indeed a blend of the old and the new. You’ll discover an intriguing street scene where modern condominiums stand next to historic houses, adding a unique appeal to the neighborhood’s real estate.

Apart from its architectural charm, LoHi‘s strategic location is another luring aspect for potential home buyers. It sits just across the Platte River from Union Station, making the neighborhood easily accessible to the rest of Denver’s metropolitan area. In just a matter of minutes, you can transit from a peaceful suburbia to the bustling city life, yet return home to a calm and serene environment by nightfall.

Given this blend of tranquillity and connectivity, it’s unsurprising why LoHi has attracted a host of bohemian artists, families seeking suburban comfort, and young professionals craving the magnetism of city life.

One stroll down the streets of LoHi and you’ll quickly understand its pull. Vibrant murals pop out from hidden corners, catching your eye with their intricate designs and bright colors. Artist studios, craft beer breweries, coffee shops, and boutiques pepper the streets, each one showcasing the eclectic character of the neighborhood.

Moreover, the real estate market in LoHi is as diverse as its residents. From chic condos and luxury single-family homes to multi-unit buildings, there is a variety of housing options suited to a range of budgets and lifestyle preferences.

Most importantly, the region has witnessed significant property value appreciation in recent years. Spurred by its growing popularity and development projects, the real estate landscape in LoHi is dynamic and offers impressive investment opportunities.

Whether you’re a first-time home buyer, contemplating an investment, or simply seeking a different lifestyle, LoHi in Denver is a choice well worth considering.

Why LoHi?

Welcome, dear readers, to a journey through one of the most coveted neighborhoods in Denver, LoHi. Known for its funky charm, stunning views, and exciting nightlife, this area has become a haven for those that crave the best Denver has to offer. If you’re considering buying a home in LoHi, we’re here to give you an insider’s view, filled with valuable insights into its appeal, unique features, amenities, and housing market trends.

If you’re asking yourself, “Why LoHi? Why should I consider this neighborhood?” we have your answers. Here’s an overview of what our comprehensive guide covers:

  1. Historical Background: Uncover the origins of the vibrant LoHi neighborhood and how it became the gem it is today.
  2. Key Features of LoHi: Explore the attractive features of LoHi, including its walkability, breathtaking views, and distinctive vitality.
  3. Real Estate Trends in LoHi: Get valuable insights into the area’s real estate trends, with a focus on the appealing luxury homes market.
  4. Lifestyle and Amenities: Dive into the world-class amenities, the dining and nightlife, and the bustling attractions of LoHi.
  5. Community and Neighborhood Activities: Learn about the strong sense of community in LoHi and the plethora of neighborhood activities.
  6. Why LoHi is Ideal for First-Time Homebuyers: Discover why LoHi is an excellent choice for first-time homeowners.

“LoHi isn’t just a neighborhood. It’s a flavor of life distinct to Denver, a bridge connecting the historical past and the rhythmic pulse of the present.”

Without ado, let’s explore the delights of LoHi and uncover why it is a highly sought-after neighborhood in Denver.

Origins of LoHi

The beginnings of LoHi are steeped in Denver’s history, originally blossoming as a simple housing area. As Denver grew and evolved, so did LoHi. It beautifully transitioned, swapping its old-world allure for a contemporary, plush neighborhood persona known today.

Transition to a Desirable Neighborhood

LoHi was initially a humble residential area. But over the years, Denver witnessed a surge of innovative ideas and steady progression. As a result, LoHi embraced change and underwent a remarkable transformation. This makeover was strategically designed to meet modern urban needs while simultaneously preserving the area’s historic charm. Today, LoHi stands tall as a trendsetting neighborhood, renowned for its attractive qualities.

A fusion of modern conveniences and vintage charm

LoHi’s transformation encompassed innovative urban planning, impressive architecture, and a surge of new-age amenities. The historical buildings have been delicately conserved, thus retaining the legacy of the area. Concurrently, pioneering establishments have sprung up, offering a fabulous blend of the new and the old. This unique blend gives the neighborhood an eclectic yet harmonious character, that sets it apart from other Denver neighborhoods.

The Influx of New Residents

The area’s transition attracted a new wave of residents, predominantly young professionals. The stylish lofts, convenient townhouses, and spacious single-family homes provide a suitable environment for varying lifestyle preferences. The rising influx of residents has further accentuated the neighborhood’s vibrant community spirit and increased the demand for properties in this area.

Ever-growing housing market

LoHi boasts a dynamic real estate market characterized by continuous growth. The neighborhood’s unique charm combined with its central location and convenient amenities has fueled a steady demand for homes. These factors combined lead to a healthy appreciation of property values, making LoHi a promising investment destination.

Key Features of LoHi

The Ease of Walking Around

What truly sets LoHi apart is its high degree of walkability. Whether you’re a resident or visitor, you’ll find that you can easily explore the neighborhood on foot, comfortably reaching various amenities, dining hotspots, and entertainment venues without needing a car.

Picturesque Vistas

LoHi boasts an enviable position that grants you sweeping views of downtown Denver and its neighboring regions. Thanks to the elevated location of the neighborhood, you are treated to stunning panoramic scenery that’s particularly extraordinary at sunrise and sunset.

Dynamic Atmosphere

The neighborhood of LoHi certainly pulses with life. With its streets dotted with fashionable cafes, unique boutiques, and engaging art galleries, it stands out as a lively cultural hub that draws both locals and visitors in droves.

Real Estate Trends in LoHi

In recent years, LoHi has seen a surge in its real estate market. According to data from Redfin for August 2023:

  • The median sale price of a home in LoHi was $950K, marking a 3.0% increase since the previous year.
  • The median sale price per square foot stood at $554, up 2.2% from the last year.
  • Homes in LoHi, on average, sold after 9 days on the market, a slight increase from 8 days the previous year.
  • There were 49 homes sold in August 2023, a decrease from 62 homes sold the previous year.

Along with the rise in median sale price and price per square foot, LoHi also noticed a shift in the types of properties being sold. While luxury homes continue to be a staple of this enchanting neighborhood, more contemporary dwellings, featuring advanced amenities and modern architectural elements, have started to make a strong presence in the region’s real estate market. These facts altogether have elevated LoHi’s status as one of the prime locations for real estate investment in Denver.

Property Type Sale Price (Median) Days on Market (Average)
Luxury Properties $1.8m 15
Contemporary Homes $800k 10
Condos and Townhomes $600k 5

Figures mentioned are approximations as of August 2023

Analysts predict that these trends will continue to evolve, given the increased demand for homes in this neighborhood. As you consider LoHi’s offerings, these trends provide a clearer view of what to expect in terms of investment and lifestyle.

What’s driving people to buy homes in LoHi? One could say the unique blend of urban convenience and tranquil neighborhoods, along with a thriving art scene, pull in real estate interest. The extensive array of modern conveniences, including world-class dining options, shopping districts, and recreational spaces, further establishes LoHi as an attractive residential hotspot.

More so, LoHi’s high walkability scores and accessibility to major work hubs also contribute significantly to its high desirability. The thriving job market in and around the locality adds an additional layer of appeal for working professionals.

Therefore, when you think about purchasing a home in Denver, LoHi’s compelling real estate market trends combined with an enticing living environment make it a preferred choice for many home buyers.

Don’t just purchase a home, choose a lifestyle. LoHi offers a unique combination of amenities, accessibility, and vibrant community living, making it not just a place to live, but a place to thrive.

Lifestyle and Amenities

The Vibrancy of Highlands Square

As one of LoHi’s major highlights, Highlands Square brims with activity. It is a hotspot for community interaction, playing host to a popular farmer’s market, a diverse range of shops, and an array of engaging neighborhood events that occur all year round.

Highlands Square seamlessly blends the traditional with the modern, where carefully preserved Victorian-era homes sit adjacent to trendy boutiques and modern eateries. This eclectic mix of old and new lends a unique charm to the neighborhood, making it a desirable destination for all.

The range of delectable cuisines in LoHi is thanks in part to the gastronomic wonderland that Highlands Square is. One can find everything from farm-to-table bistros to classic Italian trattorias, and cutting-edge food concepts to cozy coffee shops. With such a varied array of dining options, it’s easy to see why foodies are drawn to this neighborhood.

For the shopaholics, this boulevard is well-loved for its array of locally-owned designer boutiques, quirky stores, and specialized shops. You’ll find everything from chic clothing and unique jewelry pieces to handcrafted home decor and artisanal products. Shopping here is about more than just retail; it’s about The excitement of uncovering hidden gems and supporting the local economy.

The market square is not just a hub of weekend activity but also a canvas for local artists to showcase their talent. On any given day, you might stumble upon a lively street performance or a pop-up art gallery, adding another layer of excitement to your visit.

As a community, Highlands Square believes in sustainable living. It is home to one of Denver’s most popular farmers’ markets, where residents can buy fresh, local produce and handmade goods. This market serves as a confluence point for locals, encouraging interaction and strengthening community bonds.

Alongside these, numerous neighborhood events keep the community vibrant and connected. Street fairs, wine tastings, music festivals, holiday parades – there’s always something happening in Highlands Square. These events serve not only as entertainment but also as platforms for people to come together and celebrate the spirit of LoHi.

A Melting Pot of Food and Fun in LoHi

Gastronomic delight abounds in LoHi, boasting an eclectic mix of eateries from quaint coffee shops to luxurious dining establishments. Nightlife in the area resonates with the same energy, offering an array of bars, lounges, and venues for entertainment, catering to a wide array of likes and interests.

Culinary Scene in LoHi

For those who love a good culinary treat, LoHi doesn’t disappoint. It offers an impressive lineup of award-winning restaurants. From contemporary American cuisine, authentic Italian dishes in old-world settings to progressive Asian bites, you’re spoiled for choice. The vibrant gastronomic scene is a testament to the neighborhood’s appreciation for diverse food cultures that are sure to satisfy every palate.

  • Panzano – This popular Italian restaurant serves up rustic dishes with a contemporary twist. Known for its pasta, olive oil, and bread made in-house daily, Panzano has been acknowledged as one of Denver’s top Italian eateries.
  • Root Down – A hotspot for vegan and vegetarians, Root Down offers a globally influenced menu, sourcing most ingredients locally. Housed in a converted gas station, the restaurant blends history and innovation in each dish served.
  • American Elm – This laid-back bistro is a local favorite. Its menu features a modern take on American classics, along with artisanal cocktails. Its casual setting makes it a hit for regulars and visitors alike.


You can find an equally diverse array of nightlife in LoHi. Whether you crave craft cocktails, wine flights, or locally brewed beers, there’s definitely something for every taste. Mixologists also find their footing in this neighborhood, making cocktail culture a fundamental part of the overall environment. Here’s a shortlist of some standout establishments:

  1. Williams & Graham – Reminiscent of the prohibition era, this speakeasy-style bar offers a unique drinking experience. Beyond the hidden entrance, you’ll be treated to premium craft cocktails.
  2. My Brother’s Bar – The oldest bar in Denver, it finds a sweet spot between history and contemporary trends. With an extensive beer menu and a classic burger that’s raved about, they serve up a memorable night.
  3. Linger – Housed in an old mortuary, this unique restaurant/bar gives an unforgettable rooftop experience with panoramic views of the city.

From the rich culinary scene to the eclectic night-time offerings, there’s always a new experience waiting around the corner in LoHi. So, if you consider yourself a foodie or a nightlife enthusiast, LoHi should definitely be on your list.

Community and Neighborhood Activities

Highlands United Neighbors (HUNI) is the epitome of a community-focused organization. Its role in organizing various neighborhood events adds a unique vibrancy to LoHi. These events range from summer festivals to art walks, and various social activities that bring neighbors closer together.

One particularly popular event, the LoHi Music Festival, is an annual highlight overflowing with a variety of musical performances. Imagine, right in your neighborhood, you get to experience a world-class music festival with local and international acts. It adds a blend of artistic flair to the neighborhood’s vivacious essence.

Community involvement doesn’t end with social events. Many residents of this tight-knit community actively participate in local governance through various community meetings and town halls. This hands-on community engagement allows you to have a direct say in enhancing your neighborhood’s quality of life.

Local businesses are also active participants in the community, adding character to LoHi with their unique offerings. Bookstores, coffee shops, art galleries, and boutiques give the neighborhood its unique charm. This collaborative vibrancy between residents and local businesses promotes a thriving neighborhood ecosystem, inducing a sense of hospitality, camaraderie, and belongingness.

What’s more? This community-centric living amplifies during holiday seasons. LoHi is known for decorating its streets and homes during festivals such as Halloween, Christmas, and 4th of July. Walking around the neighborhood during these times, you can experience a unity that is rare to find.

Living in LoHi means being part of a close-knit community where there’s always an event to look forward to, a cause to participate in, and a friendly neighborhood to enjoy it all in. Imagine how rewarding it could be to live in a neighborhood that is not just a place to reside, but a community that enriches your life with cultural, social, and civic engagements.

Why LoHi is Ideal for First-Time Homebuyers

For first-time homebuyers, LoHi presents an attractive proposition. The neighborhood offers:

  • A robust real estate market with appreciating property values.
  • A plethora of amenities and lifestyle options.
  • A strong sense of community and neighborhood activities.

Moreover, insights from local real estate experts suggest that investing in LoHi real estate can offer significant returns in the long run, making it a wise choice for first-time buyers.

As a first-time homebuyer, one of the fundamental aspects you need to keep an eye on is the potential for growth in property value. With its unique charm, evolving community, and remarkable amenities, LoHi stands out as a neighborhood promising substantial returns on investment (ROI).

Gentrification and Urban Renewal

LoHi has undergone significant gentrification over the years, which has not only highlighted its aesthetic appeal but also significantly increased property value. You can see this from the proliferation of modern townhomes, loft conversions, and the renovation of historic homes. As the neighborhood continues to evolve, property value trends upwards, translating to increased ROI for homeowners.

Booming Local Economy

The burgeoning local economy is another factor that assures continued growth in the real estate sector. With numerous restaurants, retail outlets, and nearly 250,000 job opportunities within a 10-mile radius, the economic vitality of LoHi positively influences real estate values.

High Demand

LoHi’s high desirability, owing to its prime location and unique features, creates a high demand for properties. This demand indicates a steady inflow of potential buyers, sustaining, and often increasing property values.

Now that we’ve discussed why LoHi stands out for first-time homebuyers, it’s important to note these factors are not guarantees. Real estate can be unpredictable, and while historical trends and future projections are useful, they shouldn’t be the sole basis of your investment decision.

Getting advice from local real estate experts and working with known professionals can help you navigate this promising, yet complex real estate landscape. So, as you consider making LoHi your home, remember to make informed decisions that are right for your circumstances and goals.


LoHi, with its blend of history, modernity, and vibrant lifestyle, stands out as one of Denver’s prime neighborhoods for home buyers. Its robust real estate market, coupled with the myriad of amenities it offers, makes it a top choice for those looking to invest in Denver real estate. If you’re considering buying a home in Denver, LoHi should undoubtedly be on your radar.

The appeal of LoHi begins with its real estate landscape. With a mix of classic old bungalows and contemporary condominiums, LoHi offers a broad range of housing options. You’ll find beautifully restored Victorian houses neighboring modern, glass-fronted townhomes, truly exemplifying the Hills’ harmonious blend of history and modernity. This charming contrast is a unique feature, providing homeowners the flexibility to choose a home that suits their taste.

As a homebuyer, you’ll be interested in real estate trends in LoHi, which point to a strong and stable market. With its high demand amongst home buyers, the average sale price in LoHi has seen a consistent rise over the years. A stable real estate market suggests that investing in LoHi is not just about acquiring a spacious home but also about ensuring a solid return on investment in the future.

One unique aspect of LoHi is its rich, vibrant community. From locally owned businesses to community events, there is always something happening in this neighborhood. Frequenting the farmer’s market or taking part in the annual LoHi Music Festival, you’ll quickly feel the sense of community this neighborhood offers.

Let’s not forget the amenities. LoHi features a number of hip bars, renowned restaurants, and boutique shops right at its heart. Foodies can enjoy the gastronomic experience from a range of cuisines available in the area. The neighborhood is also home to several parks and green spaces, providing recreational activities for kids and adults alike.

Living in LoHi also means easy access to public transport, making your commute easier and stress-free. Moreover, it is only a short walk or bike ride away from downtown Denver, giving you the city essence while preserving the charm of neighborhood life.

Given its unique characteristics, supportive community, and robust real estate trends, the LoHi neighborhood clearly stands out as a desirable place to live. It is a community where tradition and modernity meet, providing a terrific blend for a family setting, young professionals,  or retirees. Consider LoHi – it may just be the neighborhood you’ve been looking for in Denver.

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